Letters to a Sister- The Chrysalids

Letters to a Sister

Dear Emily

November 2, 2011

            How are you, dear sister?  I have heard that your new child is healthy and completely normal.  I too have had a child, and healthy she is, but, I am grieved to say, normal she is not.  She has a small growth on the inside of her foot, almost like another toe.  Please sister; this is my hour of need.  Help me.  If the Inspector finds out that she is not normal, I will surely have to leave Waknuk, and my child will surely die.  Please, let us switch children, only till I get a normalcy certificate.  All babies appear the same when they are freshly born.  Nobody will notice, especially the inspector.  This is my third mutated child, and I couldn’t bear to lose another.  If my husband finds out, he will surely leave me, and I will be left with nothing.  Please, help me.  I will repay you!

From, Your Own Dear Sister

Harriet Strong    

P.S. Don’t tell Joseph.  He won’t understand and will surely take it wrongly.


Dear Harriet

This is my response to your letter written on November the 2nd.  I am shocked!  How dare you even imply that I help you house a Deviation, a thing that is not in the true image of God Almighty?!  I am thoroughly disgusted and ashamed that you are my sister.  I have told Joseph, and he is going down the road now to tell the Inspector then your husband.  If you dare come into my house, you will be beaten along with your Blasphemy sent by the devil.  You disgrace our family.  I say again, I will not help you.  You are no longer my sister.


Emily Strorm

Faithful follower of God, and wife to Joseph Strorm


Dear Emily

If you will not help me, than there is nothing left for me here.  Good-bye.

Forever Your Sister,


3 thoughts on “Letters to a Sister- The Chrysalids

  1. Awesome job! You really got the mood for how each character should be feeling in a situation like this! I can actually picture Emily and Harriet writing this to one another. Keep up the good work!

  2. This is so neat! I really liked how you created the feeling and the mood of how angry Emily was and how is despair Harriet was. I can really see the sisters doing this. I really enjoyed the “Faithful Follower of God, and wife to Joseph Strorm” part! You really did a great job!

  3. I could completely get the feeling that the sister with the deviant child was, so to speak, clutching at straws. Her precious child had a deviation and she would be sent away and, most likely, die in the Fringes. I might change freshly born because it makes me think of pastry but you probably meant new born but it made me laugh when I read it. Each time reading the letteres, it took me to where each character was at the time. Like their emotional standing. Nice job! 😉

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